Niagara Breweries on St. Patricks Day

With feasts, parades, and religious/cultural activities, St Patrick’s Day is not just celebrated in Ireland, but also in various places all over the world including Niagara. If you are looking forward to enjoying St Patrick’s Day in the Niagara Region, here are some of the best breweries that you can visit for a pint of beer, and some delicious food on the side:

Niagara Falls

If you are in Niagara Falls or intend to visit it on St Patrick’s Day, the city has some amazing breweries where friends, couples and groups can unwind with great beer. Taps on Queen Brewhouse has a buzzing vibe and serves good beer brewed on site along with some tasty bites especially wings, poutines, sandwiches, wraps and burgers. An added bonus is the live music on Saturday! Another great spot for a pint is the Syndicate Restaurant and Brewery with its wonderful décor, amazing beer and gourmet dining experience. You can also enjoy the fresh, crisp pints at the Niagara Brewing Company, on Clifton Hill. Along with fantastic beer, you can savour sandwiches, pizzas, and other delicious bits and bites.


At Niagara-on-the-Lake situated at just a short distance from Niagara Falls, one of the must-visit breweries is the Silversmith Brewing Company. Located inside a charming former church with a delightful décor and ambience, this brewery has some fantastic beers especially the Black Lager. Team it up with unique tasty bites that don’t come in the category of typical pub food. Oast House Brewers is another wonderful brewery where you can celebrate St Patrick’s Day. It’s a great place to hang out, and taste awesome beers along with wings, fries and other snacks.

St. Catharines

The Merchant Ale House Brew Pub and Restaurant in St Catharines has a superb selection of ales and yummy food including wings, burgers, nachos, fries, salads, quesadillas and more. Also located in the vicinity is Plan B Beer Works, a small batch brewery. In Port Dalhousie, do visit Lock Street for some really good artisanal beer.

Twenty Valley

If you visit Beamsville, you can taste the fantastic craft beer brewed farmhouse style at the Bench Brewing Company.


Ridgeway is home to an excellent brewery–the Brimstone Brewing Company located close to Crystal Beach. Enjoy a range of beers off the tap brewed on site, and relish an enticing range of dishes. With so many great choices, you can spend St Patrick’s Day enjoying a pint of beer at any one of these fabulous breweries. So come March 17 this year, hail the ale and enjoy the day!
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