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$8 Billion Economic Opportunity

Niagara is the largest wine production region in Canada. With a steady annual 3.2% growth rate in sales, Ontario’s wine industry is a reliable accelerator for economic growth and job creation in the Niagara Region and the province. In 2019, our industry contributed over $1 billion to Canada’s GDP. Today, Niagara is primed to become a flourishing, robust economic region and a world-class wine and tourism destination, with the potential to unlock $8 Billion in additional real GDP in 25 years!

The Niagara Region is poised for growth and presents a unique opportunity for investment in the wine industry. By tapping into this potential, Ontario will unlock a multitude of benefits. Wine has proven to be a catalyst for economic expansion and job creation, making it an ideal avenue for development.

To fully leverage this potential, it is crucial to study and learn from renowned tourism destinations worldwide. Many of these destinations have thriving premium wine industries at their core, which play a pivotal role in driving economic growth. Beyond vineyards, wine contributes to the growth of the tourism sector, promotes sustainable farming practices, fuels transportation and manufacturing, initiates construction and infrastructure projects, and enhances culinary, hospitality, and cultural experiences.

Now is the opportune moment to embrace global best practices and policies established by premier wine regions. By adopting these standards in Niagara, Ontario stands to gain billions of dollars in economic growth, benefiting both the region and the province as a whole.


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