Niagara Parks

With a diverse range of attractions, the Niagara Region has many natural wonders, heritage sites, scenic parks, gardens and activity hubs. The Niagara Parks Commission maintains these sites. They offer several activities and tours for visitors.
If you wish to explore these interesting places, below is a list of some of the Niagara Parks attractions. Each will help you to experience the splendour of Niagara.
A lovely site for all ages, the Butterfly Conservatory, in Niagara Falls, is located within the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. The glass-enclosed conservatory contains about 2000 free – flying butterflies. They belong to around 45 different species. With a rainforest setting that includes different types of plants and blossoms, the conservatory’s 11,000 square foot area also has ponds, waterfalls and pathways. Do not forget to watch butterflies take their first flight at the Emergence window!
If all things spooky and scary interest you, head to the Friday Night Frights Ghost Tours at Old Fort Erie. After all, the fort was once the site of a bloody battle. Even kids can enjoy the electrifying ambience as the lights of lanterns cast a faint glow in the darkness. Journey back in time as you listen to exciting tales of battles told by costumed guides. The tours are held during summer nights on select Fridays at 9 p.m. Who knows, you might even bump into a friendly ghost!
Watch the churning waters of the Niagara Whirlpool along the Niagara River with a thrilling ride on the Whirlpool Aero Car . The whirlpool has a depth of 125 feet at its deepest and makes for an incredible sight from the cable car that hangs 200 feet above it. Operational for more than a 100 years, the cable car travels a distance of 1 km. You can enjoy the dramatic landscape of the Niagara gorge, look at the river rapids and marvel at the swirling whirlpool.
Imagine how awesome it would be to see the thundering waters of the Horseshoe Falls up close! Well, at Journey Behind the Falls located in the Table Rock Welcome Centre, in Niagara Falls, you can actually do so! An elevator takes you 150 feet down to tunnels located behind the falls. There are 2 observation decks. The lower deck offers an incredible experience with the thunderous volumes of water from the Horseshoe Falls flowing from a great height right in front of you. Protect yourself with a poncho as the spray from the mighty falls fall on you.
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