Cycling Niagara

The sun is shining and there’s a gentle breeze as you leisurely pedal through rolling vineyards, picturesque villages and breathtaking scenery.

As you cruise along The Waterfront Trail, you’ll discover breathtaking views from the shores of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Niagara River.

With a picnic packed, it’s time to take a moment to rest and enjoy the experience, breathing in the fresh air while absorbing the panoramic views from ideally placed picnic tables along the water.  That luscious local fruit you found from a market along the way tastes even better than you imagined.

The Niagara  region, with its stunning trail network, is a cyclist’s dream for both the novice and the experienced rider seeking a challenge.

Niagara River Recreation Trail

Extending from historic Fort Erie through Niagara Falls and ending in Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL),  there seems to be no end to the scenic vistas along the Niagara River Recreation Trail. Of course, a stop for photos at the iconic Horseshoe  Falls is a must. Then venture on into  the “olde town”  NOTL and admire the historic homes on picturesque tree-lined streets. Park your bike and browse the quaint shops for something special to take home. It’s also a good time to take a break and enjoy a local wine or ale at one of the village’s charming pubs or restaurants.

Explore the Welland Canal Parkway Trail

Starting in St. Catharines the route passes through Thorold where you can stop by the Lock 7 Viewing Complex situated above the Niagara Escarpment and take in extraordinary views of the Locks. Check the St. Lawrence Seaway Schedule to catch a ship passing through Lock 7 and maybe exchange a wave with the ship’s crew. Take your bike across the free Port Robinson Ferry to Welland and then on to Port Colborne where you can stop off at a patio in the charming dockside district. See the Welland Canal Parkway Trail

Niagara Wine Route

There’s something special about pedalling through wine country, a nice easy meander where you can experience the countryside and its diverse terroir.    Better yet, indulge your tastebuds with an afternoon meal where wineries serve up farm-to-table cuisine created by world class chefs and paired with local wines produced on site. Sip and savour on an outdoor deck overlooking lush vineyards. Read: Bon Appetit Niagara Cycling Map & Article

Bike rentals

Whether you hop on the GO Train with your own bike or choose to rent, there are many convenient options near the Go,  bus terminals or right  in town, where you can rent for the half day, full day or even longer. Interested in an e-bike experience, Niagara has you covered too. A great resource for cycling rentals in Niagara-on-the-Lake is:

The Route for You 

The 140 kilometre Greater Niagara Circle Route weaves in most of the main cycling trails, creating a circular route right through the heart of Niagara. Check out the Niagara Region Cycling Map in advance to help you plan whether you are a pro seeking a challenge or  a novice looking for  a relaxing ride in the country. Either way,  there’s an unforgettable path waiting for you.

Start planning your next cycling adventure in Niagara with the information and resources included below.


Not sure where to start? Start planning your cycling adventures in Niagara by downloading the Niagara Region Cycling Map.

This map includes the Waterfront Trail, Greater Niagara Circle Route, Greenbelt Route, Pelham Route, West Lincoln and Wainfleet Route as well as Wineries, Breweries and more!

Here you will find Niagara Regional Road Routes, Resources and Maps to help you plan your cycling experiences throughout the Niagara Region.

This trail, starting in Niagara-on-the-Lake is a world-renowned tourism attraction.

Adventure awaits! The possibilities are endless in the Niagara Region for the Mountain Biking enthusiast.

Connecting more than 475 kilometres of beautiful, serene countryside of Ontario’s Greenbelt, starting in Queenston.

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