Taste Niagara

Here’s to the countryside where good things grow.

Good things are made with love and grown close to home. The award-winning wine and cuisine that our local roots bare are the heart and soul of Niagara: freshly picked produce, full-bodied vintages, world-class food, wine and craft beverages, all served with a side of good old-fashioned hospitality.

We’re talking off-the-beaten-path and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, where we speak farm-to-table and can’t wait to have you seated at ours.

In winter, our passionate chefs will warm your heart and soul with savoury pairings and wineries will introduce you to the wonders of our iconic Icewine – –the golden nectar that draws visitors from around the world.

There’s a reason why our wineries and restaurants make up some of the best in the country and TripAdvisor has recognized Niagara-on-the-Lake as Canada’s number one food and wine destination.

Summer Tastes in Niagara

With the arrival of summer, farm stands burst with an abundant array of seasonal harvests, operating at full throttle during this vibrant time of the year. As the leaves begin their enchanting transformation, the Niagara Escarpment evolves into a breathtaking canvas, adorned with a mesmerising palette of copper and gold hues.

Wineries hum with bustling activity as vineyards begin to renew, allowing the region’s esteemed winemakers to present yet another remarkable vintage. Niagara shines with an undeniable radiance during this season, boasting numerous spots where its true beauty is magnificently showcased. Celebrate, taste, and experience this special time of year in Niagara.

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                    You don’t need to be a foodie or wine connoisseur to appreciate good taste. And even if you are, Niagara has an endless list of places for you to sip and savour no matter what your preference is or whether you’re on your way to discovering it. From gourmet food trucks & eat-in restaurants with elevated home-style cooking at The Yellow Pear Kitchen to contemporary Canadian cuisine served up by The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette, Niagara is home to culinary gems with some of the freshest, creative local fare just waiting to be shared with you.

                    Our great taste doesn’t just end with food. Niagara is the premier grape-growing and winemaking region in Ontario home to a host of large iconic and small independent wineries full of character both inside and beyond your glass. Don’t forget to try our beer brewed in wine country too, as you hop to our Niagara Ale Trail.

                    Experience the difference our unique climate and terroir create right from the very people that put their passion into what you’re delighting in. It’s a difference you’ll have to taste and see to believe. Where will your tastebuds take you in Niagara?

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