Basia Bulat

at Ravine Vineyard

RAVINE VINEYARD and NOISEMAKER have teamed up to bring you an indoor concert series featuring some truly incredible Canadian talent. Join us in the Event Centre for an intimate live music experience, tickets are limited so be sure to purchase yours before they’re gone!

Some records require a journey. Are You In Love?, Basia Bulat’s extraordinary, glittering new album, required two: the Canadian singer went to the Mojave desert and then she went away—turning inward, shaking off the shadows, looking out to dawn. The result—after these journeys, singing the songs live in Australia, mixing and remixing in L.A.—is  an album that’s gorgeous and startling, quietly strange, a shining desert record with a bit of dusty rose over all its 13 tracks. Love Is At The End Of The World, the album’s thunderous closing tune, is one of the most thrilling things Bulat has ever created; a blazing, incandescent ever-after, all raw electric hope.

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Apr 13, 2022 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Event Centre

Ravine Vineyard
1366 York Rd
St. Davids, ON
L0S 1P0

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