Welland Jackfish Stadium

HAVE A BALL WHILE THEY PLAY BALL. There’s no place on earth quite like Welland Stadium when you head to Jackfish Stadium, it’s like having a passport to visit again, again and again, the best 9-inning vacation around. So get yours pronto and come relish everything that’s great about baseball-including if you choose, the hot dog relish.

MAYBE IT’S THE FIREWORKS. Maybe it’s the between-inning shenanigans. Maybe it’s watching a lime green fish mascot named Jackie do what only a lime green fish can do. Jackfish tickets give even the fanciest of couches a run for their money. So bring your family, bring your friends and come on out for the kind of fun you can’t DVR. Because at Jackfish games, boredom isn’t on the menu.

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Welland Jackfish Stadium

90 Quaker Road
Welland, ON
L3C 7K6

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