Niagara Parks Power Station

A new landmark attraction

Discover the remarkable history while exploring the extraordinary interior of a landmark attraction, the Niagara Parks Power Station.

Built to produce electricity by utilizing the natural change in elevation produced by Niagara Falls and leveraging the power of the Niagara River, the Canadian Niagara Power Station was originally constructed between 1901 and 1905. Now, with its preserved interior and modern amenities, the Niagara Parks Power Station will open its doors to the public this summer!

Niagara Parks Power Station - Main Floor

Day Experience

Explore the Generator Floor with its unique artifacts, having the opportunity to join guided tours or navigate through the Station on your own.

As you move throughout the Station, interact with the many exhibits, consisting of both physical displays along with exclusive digital content.

Three interactive educational experiences include:
1. Follow the Flow: discover a scale model of the building, that provides an in-depth understanding on the incredible scale and operations of the building
2. Experience the Rush: guests will experience first-hand the power of how water was harnessed to generate electricity, with a full-scale penstock
3. Take Control: this hands-on sound and illusions experience is controlled by guests, interacting with the century-old buttons and levers.


Niagara Power Station - Night Experience

Night Experience

This immersive experience utilizes 3D projection mapping and a breathtaking musical score, bringing the building to life. By highlighting the buildings unique architectural features and history, this immersive experience uses the century old facility as a canvas to tell its story, the transformation of water to electricity. Surrounded by animated, ever-changing media, guests will flow through the space, playing with interactive media that makes the entire space alive.


Tunnel - Niagara Parks Power Station

Tunnel Experience

Coming in the Summer of 2022, visitors will have the opportunity to travel down 160 feet by elevator, to the tailrace tunnel.  This 671 meter tunnel was completed as part of the construction of the power plant in order to manage volume of intake from the river. Exploring the location where the penstocks released the water back to the Niagara River is an unforgettable experience. While guests make their way through the enormous, century old tunnel they will emerge beside the base of the Horseshoe Falls, enjoy views of the river and breathtaking Falls.

Experience a significant heritage landmark of Canadian history by visiting the Niagara Parks Power Station, in Niagara Falls.


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