Spring In Niagara

People often ask when would be the best time to visit Niagara.  That’s not an easy question to answer.  Niagara shines in every season and there is a tantalizing variety of attractions all year round, from the grandeur of Niagara Falls itself, to botanical gardens, great theatre, festivals, vineyards and superlative dining.

If you schedule a springtime visit to Niagara, you will see an awesome display of Nature, a vision that should be declared a national treasure.  Miles of fruit trees burst into pink and white bloom and the orchards look like puffy clouds, just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day.  It’s a photographer’s dream.  A walk through the cherry, plum and peach orchards is a visual and olfactory overload.

For a perfect Sunday drive, begin at Grimsby and head out along historic Highway #8,  now Highway 89, a roadway that began as an Indian footpath.  This drive allows a more leisurely tour through the fruit growing area, making it easy to stop in the small towns, or to visit one of the vineyards.  During Spring in Niagara the roadside stands are bulging with spring produce in Twenty Valley.  You’ll make serendipitous discoveries of hidden gems like the Inn the Pines Market in St. Catharines, just one of the many fresh market farm stands in the Niagara area.  Here, Cheryl and Barney Barnes offer local seasonal produce, like strawberries, lettuces, and asparagus.  There are fresh eggs, along with homemade preserves and freshly cut flowers, and later in the season, hertitage tomatoes, cherries, plums and potatoes.  For lunch stop at any one of the superb restaurants that take advantage of the bounty that Niagara offers.

Enjoy visiting and exploring Niagara in the spring.

Photo credits:  Christine Hess

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