Perfect Weekends: Beamsville Bench

Without a doubt, you know they grow grapes down in Niagara…but did you know there are eleven unique micro-appellations in the area? The Niagara Peninsula has the largest planted area of all viticultural areas in Canada — the region boasts over 32 thriving varietals across 13,600 acres.

We’re currently in love with the Beamsville Bench. The area’s continuous air circulation and moderate temperature results in consistent growing conditions…and some happy winemakers to boot! Cool-climate classics like Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir flourish here, and the area is home to some of Niagara’s newest wineries and oldest wines. A happy mix for wine lovers.

It’s not all just wine on the Bench, though. Eclectic chefs and unique artisans gravitate toward the area, bringing with them a fresh take on life (and all things edible!).

So, without further ado — our perfect weekend on the Beamsville Bench:

1. Start your adventure off right with a glass of bubbly at Fielding Estate Winery. The Wine Lodge is open seven days a week, year round…and in warmer months you can enjoy a glass on their sprawling lake-view deck.

2. FeastON at Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery. Full stop. The food is elegant, refined, and oozing local flavours. Plan ahead and book for Sunday brunch!

3. Put down the wine glass and bust out your helm. A trip to Beamsville would not be complete without a sip or two of mead at Rosewood Estate Winery & Meadery. Sample estate honey & stroll along the hives before tucking into one of the many varieties of mead in the tasting room.

4. Stop in at The Beamsville Bakery and Patisserie for fresh doughnuts (or other pastries…but definitely try the doughnuts!). Open since 1958, this little shop is run by a Dutch father-son duo.

5. Dip into a serious sipper or two at Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers. They’re making vodka, gin, and white rye from cast-off Niagara grapes.

Need to spend the night? 

There are plenty of B&Bs in the area offering a place to rest your head amongst the vines. The House by the Side of the Road offers up stunning views of Tawse Winery and is a short walk across the road to Malivoire.

Originally posted by: Agatha Podgorski
Date Published: October 15, 2014

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