Niagara Beaches

Now that summer is here, it is time to hit the beach and make the most of the sunny weather! You can head to some of the lovely beaches in Niagara with your family and friends.
Let us take a look at some of the popular beaches in the Niagara Region where you can spend some happy summer days.

Nickel Beach, Port Colborne


Formed by the waters of Lake Erie in Port Colborne, Nickel Beach is an amazing place to relax and swim. It’s one of the few beaches that allows you to drive your car right on to the beach for an entry charge of $10. The shallow and clear waters of the beach make it safe for swimming. You can also walk along the shoreline feeling the soft, fine sand beneath your feet. Play volleyball or beach soccer if you are up for some games.

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You can also work on your tan or enjoy a picnic spread with your family & friends. And while you look around, you might spot a Fowler’s Toad or two that live along the shoreline and the dunes.
It is a great place for children too–
  • they can play with the gentle waves
  • explore the sand dunes
  • collect shells
  • build sandcastles

Bay Beach (also known as Crystal Beach), Fort Erie

Bay Beach has a vast sandy area with beautiful clear water where locals and visitors can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Bay Beach has undergone extensive renovations to provide an accessible and modern beach facility for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike. Features include:
·        state-of-the-art washroom facility (complete with lockers, change rooms and a water bottle filling station)
·        playground donated by the Ridgeway Lions Club
·        pavilion
·        festival square for community events
·        accessible ramp down to the beach
·        beach mats to provide access to the water’s edge
·        viewing deck that extends over the beach

Admission information:
Parking Information:
Or call 905-871-1600

Sunset Beach, St Catharines

With a 1,200 ft stretch of sandy beach and gorgeous sunset views, Sunset Beach in St Catharines, is another wonderful Niagara beach. The waters of Lake Ontario wash ashore on the beach that was known as the Municipal Beach.
Not too many people know about this beach so if you like less crowded beaches, this is the place to go. Of course, summer does see a spike in visitors but it is still a hidden gem. Since the beach is peaceful, it is a good place to relax, sit on one of the benches to admire the views or go cycling.
It is a delightful place for families with children, as there is a playground facility to keep the little ones busy. Couples too will find this serene beach a perfect spot to take a walk. If you enjoy boating, the beach offers a free boat launch for small crafts during the season. You can also go on to explore the Waterfront Trail from the beach.
As sunset approaches, the water glimmers with the rays of the setting sun and the sky looks like a dramatic painting with various hues and patterns. You can enjoy the sunset view from the beaches, the benches or while boating on the lake.
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Lakeside Park Beach, Port Dalhousie

Located on Lake Ontario’s southern shore, the Lakeside Park area consists of a lovely beach a carousel, a walkway and a fabulous playground for kids. You can also appreciate some amazing views of the lake, Port Dalhousie harbour & the Lighthouse. The famous handcrafted Lakeside Park Carousel is inside the park. Work on this antique carousel took place between 1898 and 1905. Both adults and children can enjoy a ride for only 5 cents. Pick a horse, camel, lion or any other animal of your choice and have a jolly good time!
Have a picnic lunch on the beach or one of the benches. You can also play a game or two on the sandy stretch, or go for a walk. Take advantage of the summer sun by getting a tan. A major attraction for children is the new playground facility – the kids can spend a couple of fun-filled hours.The Bay Beach day pass fees are $5 (Monday to Thursday) and  $10 per person (Friday to Sunday, including holidays). Children 12 years and under are now free for both resident season passes and day passes.
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