Frozen Niagara Falls

It has been a really cold winter in Niagara Falls

The City welcomed 2019 with record breaking temperatures, and a seemingly frozen falls.

Many parts of Canada, including Ontario, were in the icy grip of winter around the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, while Niagara Falls prepared to welcome a brand new year, temperatures recorded were in the range of -14°C to -17 °C, and -26 °C to -27 °C with the wind chill. These have been among the lowest recorded temperatures in the area on New Year’s Eve and those who welcomed the New Year in Niagara Falls did so with these historic minimum temperatures. In fact, thousands of people attended the New Year’s Eve Concert at Queen Victoria Park braving the freezing temperatures, and were rewarded with a night of amazing live entertainment.

In spite of the weather, visitors still flocked to visit Niagara Falls around the New Year. The falls had seemingly frozen over due to a major dip in temperatures and it made for an incredible sight. People still continue to pour in from all over the world to see the stunning waterfall in all its winter glory. And what a spectacular sight it is!


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  • Blankets of ice & snow cover the landscape including the ground, the river and the falls
  • Ice sheets on the ground, icicles formed by the water from the falls and frozen mist are attracting visitors like never before
  • It is a wondrous sight to see something as massive as the Horseshoe Falls seemingly frozen over in ice with beautiful icicle formations

But despite the appearance of having completely frozen, the waterfalls actually keep flowing beneath the surface. The immense volume of water continuously flows while mist and spray on the outer surface develop an icy crust giving the appearance of frozen waterfalls. It gives the illusion that the waterfalls have stopped flowing but in fact, they haven’t. The entire winter landscape with the ‘frozen’ falls is something that you cannot see at any other time of the year, and makes it all the more special. It’s a white winter wonderland! You can see this magnificent sight from close quarters at the Journey Behind the Falls attraction at the Table Rock Welcome Centre. While the lower deck is closed during extreme temperatures, you can still get a superb view of the falls from the upper deck.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the Niagara Falls during winter, and you can make the most of the season by visiting this natural wonder!

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