Scenery becomes the Scene

Niagara H2 Holder

Niagara is fertile ground.
Not just for grapes and peaches…
But for people too.
People who take what the land gives them…
And turn it into something new…
and personal.
These people are the makers.
And what they create is a magnet
to the food and wine adventurer.
The people who will come to Niagara because…
Niagara is… Original from the ground up.


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Six Reasons to Visit St.Catharines

Via Toronto Life:
Six Reasons to Visit St.Catharines

This summer, the largest city in the Niagara region needs to be number one on your Ontario bucket list. With a newly revitalized downtown, complete with fantastic arts and entertainment venues and foodie-approved dining options, it’s become a must-visit destination for any Torontonian. It’s even the star of a new short film celebrating the revitalization of its downtown core–watch out, Hollywood North! Here are a few reasons why you should make the trip.

Highlights amongst St. Catharines burgeoning downtown culinary scene.




There’s a feeling of improvisation to it all that restaurants can’t always sustain, but this one is locked in.



Named one of Canada’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants by Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine



Niagara’s first and only 100% vegan doughnut shop. Located in the heart of Downtown St. Catharines.



Chef Andrew McLeod’s menu features dishes to reflect Canadian cuisine, with inspiration from PEI to BC.


St. Catharines is home to world class sports and entertainment facilities.


FirstOntario PAC

Take in a live show and international music acts at FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre.


Meridian Centre

5,000+ seat Meridian Centre hosts world class sporting, music and live entertainment.



The Warehouse has brought some of Canada’s most notable artists to Niagara.


Niagara Artists Centre

Not-for-profit, member-driven. serving the working artists and community of Niagara.

The Regions of Niagara

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