Wellness Warrior

You passed your time at home with regular rides around the block and daily at home workouts, but you’re tired of staring at the same scenery…

Who you became during your time at home

Wellness Warrior

Niagara Region offers that change of scenery you need in your fitness journey with parks, trails and gardens easily accessible to biking, hiking, walking – or even an afternoon picnic. Run along the Niagara recreational trail, cycle through the vineyards or along the Waterfront Trail, rock climb & hike the historic Niagara Glen Gorge or get on the water on two Great Lakes. 

Niagara by the Numbers


Niagara is home to numerous natural spaces such as parks, beaches, trails & more


Niagara is an outdoor playground, featuring over 486,000 Acres of outdoor space to explore

Niagara Visitor Pledge

Niagara is a special place near and dear to so many, including those from our region and those who visit from further distances. Niagara is defined by the charm and character of its 12 municipalities. Community festivals and activations play a critical role in the expression of these charms and in many ways define the fabric of their communities, but the true charm and character of our region is expressed through our people: the artisans, brewers, distillers, farmers, wine makers and front-line hospitality professionals who take pride in showcasing our communities.

As we move forward, the Niagara community is committed to putting public safety first; for our guests, our businesses, our employees and our communities. We want to ensure you are as comfortable discovering Niagara as you would be in your own backyard. We will go above and beyond to protect the health and wellbeing of our business owners, community members and cherished guests as we continue to provide the same world-class hospitality that our region is known for.

Whether you are visiting our iconic attractions, indoors and out, touring wineries, dining at our restaurants or shopping at any of our local businesses—our community looks forward to welcoming you back to discover your Niagara, your way. And so, we invite you to join us for the same uniquely Niagara experiences you know and love to make you feel as comfortable as possible for the duration of your stay.

We look forward to welcoming you back and sharing “Our Niagara,” with you once again.

Anthony Annunziata President, Tourism Niagara

Outdoor Niagara Activites

Vineyard Yoga is a unique experience, one of many you can have during your Niagara Region visit.
You could spend years trying to find your favourite thing to do in Niagara. Consider that a challenge.
Things to Do
Niagara Region
Cycling is one of the best ways to experience the Niagara Region.

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One look at the lush, expansive hills and valleys of Niagara and you’ll know. This is the place to experience the outdoors. Visit our numerous trails, beaches, cycling routes & more.

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Yes, we’re home to one of the world’s most stunning Natural wonders, Niagara Falls, but Niagara also offers visitors a host of small treasures that inspire on a completely different level
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