Royal Wood

With Elise LeGrow

Life has a way of knocking on our door on the days we least expect it. For singer songwriter Royal Wood, life knocked pretty damn hard. For in the same year that he lost his father to illness, he also fell in love and got married. As an artist, Royal channeled these polar opposite emotions into his new album Ever After The Farewell. Deeply inspired by loss and love, Wood’s eighth album is an ode the classic styles of both Tin Pan Alley and Laurel Canyon.

Elise LeGrow’s voice combines fiery passion and sophisticated elegance, with just a hint of a rasp lurking beneath the surface to add a sandpapery grit to her silky vocals. It’s the kind of voice that could belong to a star in any era. It’s the kind of voice that could belong to a star in any genre. It’s the kind of voice that you’re about to fall in love with.

“LeGrow, whose alto sounds both urgent and worldly, found an unorthodox way to pay her dues: in her early 20s, she would sing jazz standards to dinner crowds and then alt-rock originals with her band Whale Tooth — sometimes in succession, on the same night, on different floors of the Drake Hotel.” – The Toronto Star 

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Nov 28th 7:30 pm to

Nov 28th, 2018 10:00 pm


FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre
250 St Paul St
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 3M2

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